Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Policies? We don't need no stinking policies!

Well, as a general principle, "we" the unwashed masses don't like policies - or anything that proscribes how we interact with the internet.  And what we do with our own lives is our own business. 

But your average employs-more-than-20 people organization should care.  Seriously, one of your people mouths off about something she thinks is personal and suddenly you've got a libel lawsuit on your hands.  And your basic umbrella insurance policy might not cover it all.

So what's a good social media policy for your company?  I liked this article from Lydia Dishman of FastCompany because it cited several different real-life organizations' policies, from detailed to dirt-simple, and critiqued them.  Now this is a case study one can USE!


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