Thursday, July 07, 2011

"lol" is the new "like"

If you've ever tried to make a teenager aware of how often the word "like" creeps into their speech, you're probably aware that (a) they're oblivious to it and (b) it's now an intractable part of their communication.  They cannot get rid of it.  Even if they want to.

I'm finding that "LOL" (or laugh out loud) is approaching the same level of saturation, but on a written level.  You can't swing a keyboard without hitting someone who's laughing out loud--onscreen.  It's too damn easy.  And it's dumbing down the level of discourse.  Heck, I think texting in general and rampant abbreviations in specific are causing folks to forget how to spell--or worse--forget to CARE that spelling is important.  And punctuation follows.  And grammar.  And syntax.  And context.  And we wonder why we experience communication breakdowns?  Why values don't get passed along?

C'mon.  Try it for a day.  Just spell everything out.  Be explicit.  Instead of "lol" try "[chuckle]" or "[kneeslapping laughter]."  Just be . . . not boring.


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