Friday, November 16, 2012

Jargon, Jargon, Everywhere

What the heck is the difference between "collaboration," "unified communication," and "social media?"  Plenty, but they're all members of the same family. 

This dinosaur views:

Collaboration as the largest container, the bucket that they all fall in.  Collaboration, in essence, is about working together.  Shrug.  All three embrace this.

Unified Communication, or "UC" as it's familiarly called, is about collaborating using realtime communciation tools, such as phone, video, IM, web conferencing and marrying them into offline communication tools like email and voicemail.

Social Media has less to do with realtime communicating and more to do with bringing communities together using web technology -- for a teen, that means keeping up with friends; for an organization, it's typically bringing corporate and customer together.

Perhaps the better question is why are these terms used as if they're interchangeable?  And the answer is:  nobody's read this post yet.


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