Friday, November 09, 2012

Unified Communications by Another Name

Had a situation recently where a big boss said they didn't like the term "unified communication" and wanted a strategy position prepared that used "some other term."  I was stumped.

How do you take a term that's already pretty entrenched in the industry and change it without losing a lot of the helpful associations that come with it?  We brainstormed and came up with "communication connections" and "universal communication" and "anytime anywhere communication" but none really satisfied.  After a few revisions of the presentation, we put UC back in.  Everything else connoted something we weren't intending!

I completely understand that prunes are now calling themselves dried plums -- sure!  Prunes have a bad rap as cheap, fuddy dud laxatives whereas dried plums sound kinda yuppie and upscale.  But UC was never a prune -- it's always been a plum.  Who doesn't want UC?  No sense discarding a label that actually works for you.


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