Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Perhaps a disclaimer is in order. I am a Lotus Notes and Sametime administrator, so one might naturally conclude that I like and find favor in IBM's offerings to the collaborative software market. One might be right--some days. One might be vastly, horribly wrong other days. And that's just supporting the system, much less USING it. I've certainly had my "Notes Nazi" moments on the admin side, but ultimately it's not about keeping the system bullet-proof, it's about what real people can use to improve their situation. So the user experience is even more important. However. . .some usability testers will tell you that software must be simple enough for even the densest user out there (i.e. dumb it down), but I prefer to subscribe to the notion that users are inherently somewhat intelligent and will understand a system if it's explained properly. So maybe that's too "admin" of me. I don't know. I just prefer to give an un-met person more credit than less. That may color my thoughts and observations. Just so you know.

Welcome! Come right in and plop on the couch! I'm so glad you're here--I've been dying for someone to bounce ideas off of! What sort of ideas? I run into all sorts of ideas and approaches and tools that ostensibly help people "collaborate" (which is quite the snappy buzzword, lately) and need a place to sort out what they're all about and whether they're worth anything.